20 Beautiful Day Trips from Ljubljana

view of piran slovenia

Are you traveling to Slovenia and looking for day trips from Ljubljana? Look no further!

Ljubljana is the perfect place to use as your hub while exploring Slovenia. It sits in the middle of the country with major highways splitting off in different directions, and it also has the best connections for trains and buses. Making it perfect for day trips across the country and even into some neighboring ones. If you are spending some time in Ljubljana I suggest checking out my Wandering Ljubljana Guide to help plan your days.

Below you will find a range of inspiration for day trips from Ljubljana that fit a range of travel styles from hiking in Triglav National Park to eating delicious seafood in Piran. Many of the places below have additional articles that share more in-depth info for your travels so don’t be shy to click around!

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How to travel around Slovenia

Before we dive into all of the amazing day trips from Ljubljana I wanted to share a few tips for getting around Slovenia. I’m all about making it easier for you to plan your trip!

If you are planning to rent a car in Slovenia be sure that you have an International Driver’s License and if reserving it outside of Slovenia that you let the company know so they can provide a vinjete for tolls. Without it, you will be fined.

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If you are traveling via bus I recommending checking routes via Autobusna Postaja Ljubljana as they are the most extensive. Arriva and Nomago fill in some gaps and are great for airport transfers.

A few of the locations below can also be reached via train. Check the timetables via Slovenske železnice site.

Looking for a more interesting way to get around? Check out Prevoz a site for carpooling. A great opportunity to get some insights from a local and maybe some recommendations!

Day Trips from Ljubljana

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1. Lake Bled

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled is probably the most famous place in Slovenia and one of the most popular day trips from Ljubljana. Here you can explore Bled Castle, perched upon a cliff overlooking Lake Bled, where you can learn about the local history. With small hikes to epic photo opportunities and breathtaking landscapes Bled is perfect for photographers. In the summer you can even take a swim in the lake!

Book a tour to Bled with transportation from Ljubljana.

Activities in the area

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2. Piran

view of piran slovenia

Piran is a 2-hour 15-minute drive from Ljubljana, and often times much longer on a Friday during the summer but it is worth a visit! This is one of my top 5 favorite places in Slovenia and it never gets boring to me in spite of how small it really is. The Venetian architecture is a nice treat away from the shoulder to shoulder crowds in Venice.

Activities in the area:

  • Climb the tower of St. George’s Parish Church for views
  • Walk the old Walls of Piran for an even higher advantage (pictured above)
  • Take a walking tour with food and wine tastings

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3. Škofja Loka

Škofja Loka Castle Slovenia

Škofja Loka is only a half-hour drive away from Ljubljana. Sitting at the foot of the Alps, this medieval town has lots of little secrets. In the 14th century, it was a walled city that endured repeated misfortunes that continue through much of its history. Today you can visit the local museum to learn about resilience in this little town.

Activities in the area:

  • Visit the Loka Castle and museum
  • Visit the Capuchin Library to see some of the oldest and most valuable Slovene books
  • Visit Železniki to learn about bobbin lace-making or iron forging

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4. Predjama Castle

Predjama Castle, Slovenia

Predjama Castle is probably one of the more famous Slovenian castles and it just so happens to be a castle built into a cave! Just a one hour drive from Ljubljana and 15 minutes from the Postojna Cave together they make a very unique day trip. The castle is tucked into a dead-end road and there are houses around so be mindful of noise and walking paths.

Activities in the area:

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5. Celje

celje castle slovenia day trip from ljubljana

Celje is the third-largest town in Slovenia and just an hour away from Ljubljana. The Celje Castle is definitely the highlight and I highly recommend doing a guided tour. There is a lot of information about the history of Celje and the castle which would otherwise be missed.

Activities in the area:

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6. Velika Planina

Velika Planina - day trip Ljubljana

One of my all-time favorite places is Velika Planina. Only 1 hour and 20 minutes from Ljubljana but feels like a whole new world. Explore this traditional alpine herdsmen pasture in the Alps. If you visit in the spring (April-May) you might be able to check out the saffron bloom when little purple flowers cover the fields.

Activities in the area:

  • Take a guided tour available every Saturday during the summer
  • Eat some traditional Slovenian food at Zeleni rob
  • Visit Preskar Museum open every day during pasture season

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7. Triglav Lakes

Triglav Lakes - Triglav National Park - Slovenia

The furthest but maybe the most rewarding on the list. It is a 1 hour and a half to drive to Triglav National Park and then a 3.5-hour hike to the Triglav Lakes. Don’t forget your camera because the sights are some of the most beautiful in all of Slovenia.

Activities in the area:

  • Visit Lake Bohinj, the largest lake in Slovenia
  • Take a small hike to Savica Waterfall
  • Take a cable car to the top of Vogel for incredible views

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8. Snežnik Castle

snežnik castle

One of my favorite castles in Slovenia is Snežnik Castle and it makes for a lovely day trip from Ljubljana. It is about an hour’s drive south of Ljubljana and in close proximity to a lot of caves. This is also the perfect stop on your itinerary if you are heading towards Rijeka, Croatia.

Activities in the area:

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9. Brežica Castle

Slovenian Castle Brežica

Brežica Castle is a 16th-century castle in Dolenjska. It is an hour drive from Ljubljana near the border with Croatia (on the way to Zagreb). This castle houses the Posavje Museum which is an eye-opening look into the history of the region and Slovenia which I highly recommend.

Activities in the area:

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10. Koper

Koper, Slovenia day trip from Ljubljana

Koper is the largest coastal city in Slovenia and part of Slovenian Istria. This day trip from Ljubljana takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes by car. With medieval Venetian palaces, a great market with fresh seafood, and don’t forget to climb the bell tower for incredible views.

Activities in the area:

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11. Otočec Castle

Otočec Castle - Day trips from Ljubljana, Slovenia

Otočec Castle is a one hour drive from Ljubljana in the Dolenjska region. It is a beautiful castle that is on an island in the middle of a river. While there is no museum or tour to do at Otočec they do have a hotel and restaurant. They also converted part of the castle to a winery where you can try and purchase local wines. Visiting Otočec Castle is not a complete day trip but a great stop while traveling through Dolenjska.

Activities in the area:

  • Visit Novo Mesto, the economic and cultural center of Dolenjska
  • Trška Gora for hiking and views of hilly vineyards

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12. Radovljica

Just a 35-minute drive from Ljubljana, Radovljica is a great day trip option to combine with Bled (only 10 minutes away). Radovljica, or Radol’ca as it is known locally, is the perfect stop for those interested in Slovenian culture and history. During the summer months check out the Hop On-Hop Off bus options in this region to explore various historical towns.

Activities in the area:

  • Visit the Museum of Apiculture (beekeeping)
  • Visit Lectar Workshop and Museum and decorate your own honey bread heart
  • Check out the Chocolate Festival (every spring)

13. Goriška Brda

Goriška Brda is the smallest wine-growing region of Slovenia and one of my favorite places to travel. Whether you are interested in landscapes, historic towns, delicious farm to table food, and incredible local wines there is something for everyone.

Activities in the area:

  • Eat at Marica Hiša in Šmartno
  • Climb Gonjače Viewing Tower for views of Brda
  • Visit Slovenia’s largest wine cellar, Klet Brda

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14. Kranjska Gora

Lake Jasna

Kranjska Gora is tucked away in the northwestern corner of Slovenia, just near the border of both Austria and Italy. Don’t let the small size of this alpine town fool you, there are once in a lifetime experiences and sightseeing all year round. In the winter check out ski jumping at Planica and in the summer take a walk around Zelenci Natural Reserve.

Activities in the area:

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15. Take a Panoramic Flight

triglav flying slovenia

The airport in Lesce (near Bled) is where you can catch a flight over some of Slovenia’s most iconic sights like Lake Bled, Lake Bohinj, and even fly around the highest peak, Triglav. Be sure to book in advance.

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16. Kranj

Just a short 30-minute drive from Ljubljana, Kranj is a great day trip. It can easily be combined with Škofja Loka or Bled. Tucked between the Julian Alps and Kamniške-Savinje Alps this industrial town is often overlooked but provides incredible views without the crowds so it is a plus in my book.

Activities in the area:

17. Slovenj Gradec

slovenj gradec

Slovenj Gradec is perfect for those looking to get off the overwalked path. The largest town of the Koroška, Slovenj Gradec is a great day trip from Ljubljana, especially when combined with Velenje or other activities around Koroška.

Activities in the area:

  • Hiking or skiing at Kope
  • Kayaking or mountain biking through Mežica Mines

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18. Ptuj

One of Slovenia’s oldest towns, Ptuj, should definitely be on your radar! This eastern Slovenian town

Activities in the area:

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19. Miramare Castle + Trieste (Italy)

miramare castle

Just 1 hour and 20 minutes away from Ljubljana you can visit Miramare Castle. A picturesque castle with uniquely decorated rooms inside just outside of Trieste, Italy. It makes a perfect stop between Venice and Ljubljana especially if traveling via train.

Activities in the area:

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20. Zagreb (Croatia)

Zagreb Croatia Zagreb, the capital of Croatia is just a 2-hour drive from Ljubljana and a great choice for a day trip from Ljubljana or the next stop on your trip. The largest city on this list with a population of 800,000 compared to Ljubljana’s ~300,000, it still doesn’t have that big city feel. Zagreb is a walkable city with lots of interesting architecture and an excellent award-winning Christmas Market. Do be mindful that while Croatia is in the European Union they are not in the Schengen Area (check visa requirements).

Activities in the area:

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