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An Alpine Escape to Velika Planina

It is honestly a shame why I haven’t written about Slovenia yet. It is my newest home and I have seen quite a bit of it over the years. I seem to struggle with finding the right words to share my personal experiences living in these new places. I never feel like I give it justice. So here is to giving it a shot… this is for you, Velika Planina

velika planina slovenia hiking path

Velika Planina in Slovenia is one of those gems. Somehow I never read about it or saw pictures about it. I mentioned the place to my husband, who is Slovenian, and he had no idea the magic we were about to experience.

Velika Planina Slovenia Velika Planina Slovenia

There is not a single place that I’ve been to that can compare to the beauty in Velika Planina. It is high up in the mountains, hidden away from the world, surrounded by the Alps where traditional herdsmen still practice alpine herding.

Velika Planina Slovenia Velika Planina Slovenia Velika Planina Slovenia

You can go there via cable car or a hike. While the hiking path is more like a dirt road it can be steep for those not used to the altitude. Once there you can wander around the mountain pasture, there was a shop with a man selling homemade cheeses and meats. Yes, I definitely bought some and it was sooooo good.

Velika Planina Slovenia Velika Planina Slovenia Velika Planina Slovenia

Also on the topic of food, there is a restaurant at the top called Gostišče Zeleni Rob (gostišče means guesthouse or inn) where you can order some traditional dishes. You don’t want to miss it. Make sure you plan to eat here because it was so incredible. Hands down the best štruklji (traditional Slovene dish) I’ve ever had.

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ricet, struklji, velika planina at gostišče zeleni rob velika planina at gostišče zeleni rob

Velika Planina is the perfect day trip as it is only 1 hour 30 minutes drive from Ljubljana. I loved it so much I can’t wait to go back this spring and maybe see more action, and of course, eat more food.

Velika Planina Slovenia
velika planina velika planina velika planina

To finish up I made a little video if you want to see a first-hand perspective of wandering around this magical place and if you want to see more of my adventures via video please give it a thumbs up or comment, and follow my everyday adventures on Instagram @wanderinghelene

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