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Mini Adventures asked me if I would like to take one of their products out while exploring Slovenia. Being a travel and game lover, I jumped on the opportunity. Mini Adventures sets you out on an imaginary quest to help you explore a chosen location. They have 18 locations across Slovenia as well as a few locations in neighboring countries. Perfect for day trips!

Once you have selected your city you will be sent a bag with a map that includes your story, map, and clues, a Seekers Dossier (I’ll explain below), a collection of Seeker pins, sealed answer key, and a treasure to unlock.

DISCLAIMER: This post is sponsored meaning that I was offered compensation in return for reviewing this product. As always all opinions are my own.

mini adventure - koper

For our Mini Adventure, Jaka and I decided to try Koper. It was one town in Slovenia that I felt like I didn’t know much about and I was craving a bit of seaside atmosphere. On a Saturday morning, we set off from Ljubljana. Just a short one hour a 15-minute drive later we had the Adriatic Sea in view, the sun shining, and an adventure awaiting.

Before you begin your Mini Adventure there is a Seekers Dossier in your bag. This document contains a set of characters with their backstory and special talent. There is a pin you can wear for your corresponding character. Each Seeker will be called upon at some point in the game to solve a clue.

I was Dolphinia from a secret underwater land who can sense when creatures are close. Jaka chose Zeal, previous a wrestler, he has perfect vision and great with heights.

koper slovenia

While this feature was geared more towards children it can certainly be adjusted when there are only adults playing. Such as, if your Seeker is called to assist you must answer the clue on your own. If you get it wrong, you buy drinks.

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The Mini Adventure

One of my favorite things about the Mini Adventures is the ability to begin anywhere on the map, and that you can start and stop whenever you please. Giving you time to take a break for some gelato or explore a museum.

Praetorian Palace, Koper

Cathedral of Mary’s Assumption

Koper’s quest involves The Tale of the Mysterious Ship. We were asked to solve the mystery and find the hidden artifact (the last remaining relic) from the peculiar ship, Furia.

We began at the Muda Gate, the main gate to the city of Koper. In the past, there were once 12 gates but today only one remains. This gate is especially significant because Koper used to be an island and here is where the bridge was located. Built by the Venetians in 1516 along with a fortress that was destroyed in 1820 by the Austrian army.

Now that we were at our location it was time to check the map. Around the map are numbered clues that correspond to numbers on the map. These clues vary from finding something hidden to counting architectural features. Once you read the clue and find the answer you are not done yet!

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Muda Gate Koper

On the back of the map, there is a page of relics such as Violin of Vengeance or Amulet of 9 Jewels. Once you find the answer to the clue, you turn to this page and try to find a relic that is closest to that answer. So if you were meant to count the flags in a square and the answer was 9, then Amulet of 9 Jewels is a possible answer.

There are 19 clues on the map and 20 relics. You will have to continue your quest to find which relic belongs to which clue. The remaining relic will give you a code to unlock your treasure!

Mini Adventure, travel game

After we located the first relic we were off to complete our quest. Each point on the map also corresponds with a significant sight around Koper. We were able to see the Praetorian Palace, Taverna Koper, and my personal favorite, Čevljarska Ulica.

The map also contains some historical context or facts for some points on the map as well as photo challenges that you can complete for fun. One of the photo challenges in Koper asked for us to find a stone hand by the harbor and take a photo with it.

Mini Adventure Wandering Helene collab


Features of Mini Adventures


  • Slovenia (Celje, Kamnik, Koper, Kranj, Lake Bled, Ljubljana, Maribor, Murska Sobota, Novo Mesto, Piran, Ptuj, Škofja Loka, Slovenske Konjice
  • Slovakia (Bratislava)
  • Hungary (Budapest)
  • Austria (Bad Radkersburg, Graz)
  • Croatia (Varaždin)

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Languages (depends on location)
  • Slovenian
  • English
  • German
  • Croatian

Length: 2-5 hours (1.5-6 km)

Players: 2-6 people can play at once

Age: All Ages

Mini Adventure Game Slovenia

Mini Adventure in Koper

I had a lot of fun wandering Koper while playing the Mini Adventure. It also must have been amusing for everyone to see Jaka and I pacing around buildings, counting features, and trying to locate clues while everyone was going about their lives. We had a blast, we laughed, we problem solved, and 3 hours in the blazing sun felt like 30 minutes.

Depending on your travel style this can be a great addition to your next trip. If you are seeking more historical information and facts then this game might not be for you. It is meant to be a fun quest with puzzles while learning a few things along the way. It is the perfect activity for families, for a fun date idea, or as a competition with friends.

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