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Two Days in Triglav National Park

Two Days in Triglav National Park

  • Visiting Savica Waterfall
  • First time at Lake Bohinj
  • Hiking to Triglav Lakes
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Last weekend Jaka had an extra day off for Statehood Day (Dan državnosti) in Slovenia, and as we usually do, we booked a weekend somewhere new. This time we decided to try something very different and go hiking in the Triglav National Park. I have been really wanting to check out the Triglav Lakes and Savica Waterfall so we ventured into the Alps!

I have been under a lot of stress lately. Some of it just because life is busy and the rest because that’s just where I am I guess; I moved to a new country, got married, got a new kitten, and dealing with immigration. Not for one moment would I change my life, it is just how things go.

Between all of the noise, the stress, the appointments, I wasn’t taking time to recharge myself. A weekend in nature, however, recharged me right back where I wanted to be.Last weekend Jaka had an extra day off for Statehood Day (Dan državnosti) in Slovenia, and as we usually do, we booked a weekend somewhere new.

I thought this was the cutest bus stop ever, so we stopped the car for a picture. We were discussing on this trip, what is our favorite mode of travel and in the end, we both agreed it’s by car. I am definitely still very much a train girl, but if I had to choose, it would be car. You can pack more (haha), bring snacks for the road, make a playlist, stop off at random parts to take pictures (like above), find hidden gems, I can go on and on. Road trips are definitely my favorite way to travel.

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Savica Waterfall (Slap Savica)

After we arrived at our Airbnb we headed right into the park to do a small hike (about 20 minutes) to Savica Waterfall. This is a very easy hike, while it is steep, it is all on stairs. There were people of all ages and footwear, although I would suggest at least sneakers because around the waterfall it can be really wet and slippery.

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savica waterfall

savica waterfall

Lake Bohinj (Bohinjsko jezero)

As many places I have seen in Slovenia, I don’t know why Lake Bohinj was left for so long. I fell in love immediately. It wasn’t even a nice day, but that goes to show how stunning it is. The water was so clear I couldn’t believe it. The best way to capture the views is definitely through video. Lucky for you I made one!

Our place was in Bohinjska Bistrica which was a 20-minute drive to the start of the hike to Savica Waterfall, and about 10 minutes to Lake Bohinj. If you stay in this area I highly recommend that you eat at Štrud’l to try some local traditional dishes.

We shared a meat and cheese plate which is in the first picture full of local products and even a scoop of what I can only translate as bacon jam. I was not a fan but it was interesting to try! Then for the main dish, we ordered a platter so we got a little bit of everything.

I filmed a lot of content throughout this trip and it resulted in two videos! The first one is about Savica Waterfall and Lake Bohinj. The second one, which is posted below the article is about the hike to Triglav Lakes.

Triglav Lakes

Hiking to Triglav Lakes was interesting mainly because of the information that was given to us prior. First, I looked up the path and read other blogs about the hike. They said it was easy to moderate and just steep for the first hour. The day before we asked the staff at the National Park if they had any suggestions and they basically laughed saying how easy it is and that people do it in flipflops.

Let me begin with this….we are not beginners, but we are also not avid hikers.

There is no way, anyone could do this hike in flip-flops. If they did, they are a liar. Much of this hike is quite steep, there are a lot of rocks, and really incredible drops on narrow paths of the hike. This is my advice to you, be prepared with proper shoes, and walking sticks, it is  challenging.

The first hour or so of the hike is a steady incline that gives you a break once you reach Planina pri Jezeru. Here there are some of these little huts, similar to what you can see a Velika Planina, as they are traditional cattle raising areas. There is also a very beautiful small lake that I was too afraid to get close to because there were so many cows haha. Also, there is a hut where you can get food and beverages although we didn’t check it out.

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After leaving this area you will reach one more section full of cattle grazing. I loved hearing the ringing of their bells in the middle of nature. A lot of this landscape was just as you see in the pictures, green with lots of rocks, but as we progressed this changed to fields full of flowers and green.

And then, it changed again, but this time it was just big. I know that is such a simple word but I am talking about the Alps here. If you ever want to feel very small as a living creature, this is the place to go. This is the place to remind yourself that the world is much bigger than you. And that can be quite humbling.

I will be honest. I wanted to give up a few times on this hike. I was having a problem with my hip muscle and by the last hour or so to the lakes, I could barely lift my leg. I had to move like I had a broken leg or something. On top of that, I was wearing new hiking shoes, so I had two major blisters forming with every step up, and almost every step was up.

I love nature and hiking, but because I was told that this hike was not challenging, I was not fully prepared, and then felt like I was inadequate when I struggled with it. I took it really personal. But in the end, I pushed through, and thankfully I have such a supportive partner that he let me make that decision and did it with me.

Now, let’s get to the good part. This sign was just the one I needed!

triglav lakes

triglav lakes

triglav lakes

We finally made it after 3.5 hours of hiking up. The Triglav Lakes are hands down one of the most beautiful natural places I have ever seen. All of those excruciating steps, forming blisters, it was all worth it because I saw these views with my own eyes. I sat in the peace of nature eating a sandwich next to a lake I never thought could exist. It was a perfect moment for reflecting on the challenges I put myself and my body through and this reward that mother nature tucked deep in the mountains.

Thank you to my other half for going on adventures with me and now for being my drone videographer! Thank you for reading and checking out my photos. I also released a brand new YouTube video with this article which you can see right here.

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