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My 5 Favorite Travel Moments of 2018

My 5 Favorite Travel Moments of 2018

best travel moments 2018

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2018… you were an intense one! Anyone else? I didn’t realize it until I edited my 2018 year in review video which is posted at the end of this post. Now that I am writing out my list for this article I realize once again how busy I have been because I don’t even have articles published about most of these yet – they are in draft form and coming in January!

So here are my five favorite travel moments of 2018!

Triglav Lakes, Slovenia

hiking triglav lakes

Hiking to Triglav Lakes will probably be a highlight for me for a long while to come. I still go back and watch the videos sometimes. It was a huge challenge physically and the views were definitely the reward. I can’t wait to get in the mountains more in 2019.

If you want to read more about my time visiting Lake Bohinj and Triglav Lakes you can read my post all about it.

Pula, Croatia

istrian peninsula croatia

It wasn’t my first time to Pula, in fact my very first time there was the first trip me and Jaka did together just two years prior. I just really enjoy this part of Croatia, it is never crowded when I go, just relaxing seaside with platters of seafood and endless wine. There will be a lot more Croatia coming up in 2019.

You can see more photos from my time there in this post about creative mindfulness.

Santorini, Greece


How can I not have our honeymoon on the list! This was my first time in Greece and we mainly stayed on a resort in Crete. After a few days into the trip we found out we could go to Santorini for a day trip via boat so getting to see the famous blue topped houses, a black sand beach, and drive around the whole island was a highlight.

Flying over Triglav and Lake Bled

lake bled

I always swore I would never fly in a small plane. I have some anxiety issues when it comes to flying. Yes, I know that sounds funny coming from me but I deal. Anyway, it was a rare opportunity and I didn’t want to always wonder if I would regret not going. OMG flying in a small plane is so fun. It was like being in a car in the sky… I enjoyed it so much I will do it again in the coming months!

A One Day Guide to the Old City of Dubrovnik

(I will release a post and video about my experience in the coming weeks!)

Škofja Loka

skofja loka slovenia

I adore this little medieval town near to Ljubljana. I was so impressed by the museum in the castle and just loved walking around the center taking pictures of cute doors and signs. At the moment they also have some really cute holiday lights out! Since I couldn’t get to the top of the church’s tower or try any local restaurants I will be returning very soon. You can read more about how to visit Škofja Loka and the Loka Castle in my article here.

Thank you!!!

It was quite difficult to narrow down my year to five travel memories which is why I also made a video! To be honest I was a bit hesitant to release it because it feels so personal but I want to share all of my joys from the past year with all of you, and to thank you for following my journey whether you have been here since day one or just today. Wandering Helene has big plans for 2019 and I can’t wait to see what the new year brings. Happy New Year!

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  • It’s a great list. The photos are amazing. I especially enjoyed seeing that you could have such great travel experiences close to home. I think many travelers need to explore a little closer to home.

    • Thank you! I love traveling close to home because as much as I am a wanderer I am also a homebody haha. I agree more travelers shouldn’t underestimate what is in their own backyard!

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