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Stepping Into a Fairytale at Snežnik Castle

Stepping Into a Fairytale at Snežnik Castle

snežnik castle

Snežnik Castle is from the 13th century and located south of Ljubljana, just about an hour and a half drive (thanks to old roads). We had a nice Saturday off and wanted to see a new castle and he wanted to try his new drone. You can see some of the shots in my newest YouTube video! We have a bit of work to do with the formatting (why the artifacts?) and flying but I am really excited to see the possibilities.

It is also really nice to have a partner who supports my bad camera habit. When we go somewhere I can easily bring a bag full of cameras and he won’t say a word, just asks to carry it for me. Now that he also has a fun camera it is a different experience sharing it with someone and collaborating with our work.

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Back to the castle discussion! We did not go into this castle, and I know some of you asked to see the inside or told me how wonderful it was, I cannot wait to go back and see it. This day, Jaka had something else up his sleeve. We were on a time constraint that I didn’t realize when I was taking my dear time photographing the outside and missed the tour by 5 minutes. You can watch my video to the end to see what it was! (;

snežnik castle snežnik castle

Snežnik Castle was purchased at an auction in 1853 for 800,000 florins by a German prince. One of his sons, Prince Jurji, inherited it in 1859 and began remodeling it and introducing animals to the nearby woods, had paths built, and hired experts to maintain the grounds.

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The estate was later divided between kingdoms after World War I. During WW2, a castle caretaker guarded the property against looters, and because of this, much of the inside is still intact.

snežnik castle snežnik castle

After we left the castle we drove to go find some food. On the way there we noticed this cool unique looking church so we pulled over to take a few photos.

Cerkniško jezero Before it was time for lunch we made our way to Lake Cerknica. This is an intermittent lake, meaning it is not always visible. It depends on the season and the amount of rain received in the year. When it is full, it is the largest lake in Slovenia.

And that was our Saturday adventure. If you ask me, it is the perfect day; castle exploring, road trip, random pit stops, trying a new restaurant, and getting a big surprise at the end. Watch my video to find out.

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