Visiting Škofja Loka Castle in Slovenia

Škofja Loka Castle Slovenia

Let me tell you about my new favorite castle in Slovenia, the Loka Castle in Škofja Loka. Known as Loški Grad in Slovenian. This medieval town has been on my radar since I moved here, but I just simply can’t see everything at once! 

Škofja Loka is just half hour drive from the center of Ljubljana which makes it perfect for a short day trip. The town itself is very charming and I couldn’t stop photographing every little corner, building, and even random doors (haha). 

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The history of Škofja Loka is complex as of any great European town. It used to be a walled city in the 14th century but due to continuous attacks, revolts, a plague, fires, and earthquakes the wall and gates were removed in 1789. 

Loka Castle

Loka Castle is first mentioned in text in the early 1200’s but the castle you see today is not the same. It was rebuilt after an earthquake in the 1600s and then again in the 1700s. 

There are many exhibits inside the museum including a historical collection exploring the history of Škofja Loka and the castles, an art history collection with works dating from the 14th century, a castle chapel, a natural history collection, and even a collection dedicated to sports and athletes from the area, to name a few. An archaeological collection that contains artifacts dating as early as the Stone Age (80,000-30,000 BC) up until 973 AD.

Loka Castle Museum
Škofja Loka Castle

How to get to Škofja Loka from Ljubljana

By Car: take Celovška cesta through Medno, Medvode, and Jeprca to Škofja Loka. AKA use Google Maps but it is basically one road and takes about 35 minutes!

By Bus: AlpeTour runs buses between Ljubljana and Škofja Loka twice an hour and it takes about 30-40 minutes depending which station you are picked up from.

skofja loka slovenia


If you are visiting Slovenia or you live here and want to try something new I definitely suggest visiting Škofja Loka and especially the Loka Castle. It is less than an hour away from Ljubljana and sitting right at the base of the alps has a lot to offer. Keep an eye for more Škofja Loka content in the future and if you have any recommendations of more things to see drop it in the comments. -Helene

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