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Here at Wandering Helene I am all about supporting local and that means if you are visiting Slovenia I’d love for you to buy Slovenian made! Here are a list of shops you can find in the center of Ljubljana that offer Slovenian products that make perfect souvenirs or gifts.

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Slovenian Souvenirs 

Whenever someone asks me what Slovenian souvenir they should buy to bring home I ask if they have an extra suitcase. There are so many products that are made in Slovenia that I think everyone should try. 

Some food products might be difficult to transport home (check your local laws) but many of them can travel with ease. 

If purchasing wine ask the shops about international delivery to ease your worries. 

Here is a list of Slovenian specialty products that make great souvenirs.

  • Idrija Lace (idrijska čipka)
  • Salt from Sečovlje (piranska sol)
  • Painted Beehive Panels
  • Slovenian Honey
  • Schnapps/šnopc (borovničke, medica, slivovka)
  • Mountain tea (planinski čaj)
  • Dragon themed items (Ljubljana)
  • Ribnica woodenwares
  • Slovenian cheese (Tolminc, Bovški sir, Trnič)
  • Dried meats (Kranjska klobasa, kraški pršut, Šebreljski želodec)
  • Lectar heart cookies
  • Pumpkin seed oil (specialty of Styria and Prekmurje) 
  • Rogaška Crystal
  • Slovenian Wines (Teran, Cviček, Zelen, Modra Frankinja, Laški Rizling, etc.)
  • Slovenian desserts (potica, premurska gibanica, kremna rezina)

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Ljubljana Shops Selling Slovenian Products

GUD Shop

Stari trg 4

GUD Shop is a personal favorite of mine and is always ahead of the game when it comes to design. If you are looking for beautifully crafted unique pieces to add to your home or office then definitely give them a visit. They have their own line of office products that are all wood-free and sustainably produced. They also provide little signs on Slovenian products to make your shopping experience easier.

ljubljana gud shop buy local

Dobrote Dolenjske

Mestni trg 17

I am a huge fan of Dobrote Dolenjske. They have the best products from Dolenjska (a region of Slovenia south of Ljubljana). I always find myself stopping in to buy spreads, teas, or other specialty items for holiday gifts. You can also arrange to do a degustation to try some wines, cheeses, and meats from Dolenjska

shop local ljubljana slovenia

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Central Market

Adamič-Lundrovo nabrežje 6

The Central Market of Ljubljana is a bit spread out over multiple squares as well as a hidden indoor market you shouldn’t miss. While you will primarily find produce from Slovenian farmers you can also buy local milk and dairy products, baskets, flowers, and souvenir stands are scattered throughout and along the river. 

Between the square with the open air market and Pogačarjev trg is a building with “pokrita tržnica” above the door. If you enter in here you will find even more stands selling Slovenian food products such as meats, cheeses, and bread. 

central market ljubljana

Piranske Soline

Mestni trg 8

Piranske Soline is a company that sells salt harvested from the Piran Saltworks. They use traditional techniques, done by hand, to harvest the salt. They sell various types of salt as well as products with salt such as chocolates or cosmetics.


Vodnikov trg 4

Kraševka offers Slovenian made products but especially food products from various regions around the country. At their shop you can find Slovenian wines, olive oils, salt from Piran, woodenwares, cheeses, dried meats, marmalade, chocolates, honey, Slovenian schnappes, and more. 

Trgovina Ika

Ciril-Metodov trg 13

Trgovina Ika is the best place to buy Slovenian-made textiles or items for the home. The shop is full of incredible handmade items such as wooden earrings, scarfs, tablecloths, and more. The shop clerks are always willing to answer any questions about the products and help you find the perfect gift for you or someone else.

ljubljana trgovina ika local

Honey House

Mestni trg 7

Beekeeping is one of the most cherished Slovenian traditions. In fact, the very first book about beekeeping was written by a Slovenian. Due to this relationship with Carniolan bees there are many delicious honey delicacies to try. 

At Honey House you can purchase a wide variety of specialty honeys such as chestnut, forest, flower, or acacia honey. Another Slovenian specialty is honey liquor called medica, which I highly recommend trying! 

Zakladi Slovenije

Ciril-Metodov trg 2

Zakladi means treasures in Slovenian. Zakladi Slovenije is the perfect place to grab all of your souvenirs. Here you will find Slovenian made chocolates, spreads, wines, and other goods.  

Fox Boutique

Mestni trg 18

Fox Boutique offers sustainably produced Slovenian products. They specialize with tote bags, shirts, mugs, decor, etc with Slovenian sayings or references on them. 

Babushka Boutique

Stari trg 18

One of my favorite shops offering Slovenian made products is also on one of my favorite streets to window shop, Stari trg. Babushka Boutique is full of pretty little things from stunning pieces of unique jewlery made across Slovenia, handmade ceramics, natural beauty products, gifts, and more. 

Čas za Kavo

Stari trg 11a

A small shop located just across the street from Babushka Boutique. Čas za Kavo is a local brand which makes coffee mugs with primarily Slovene sayings or references. The shop also sells a few other products made from local producers (planners, socks, greeting cards, etc.)

Smile Concept Store

Mestni trg 6

The Smile Concept Store offers a wide range of colorful and trendy products for your home. Many of the brands offered are Slovenian but they have other offerings as well. Find cute dishware, the perfect unique decor piece, or organize your home office in style. 

This and That

Mestni trg 6

Right next door to Smile is This and That. Honestly I thought they were the same store for awhile as they have similar offerings and address! Find unique pieces for home, bags, accessories, paper goods, textiles and more. Don’t be shy to ask the clerk for recommendations for Slovenian made products.

Beer Shop Pr’Primožu

Trubarjeva cesta 44

Did you know that Slovenia has a thriving craft beer scene? If you find yourself wandering down Trubarjeva I suggest stopping in Beer Shop Pr’ Primožu to pick up a few bottles of Slovenian craft beer. They also offer beers from the US, Belgium, England, Czech Republic, and more!


Trubarjeva cesta 17

If you are curious about trying Slovenian wines just a 3-minute walk from Prešeren Square is Štorija, a wine boutique. Their offerings of unique Slovenian wines from across the country is next to none. Get personalized recommendations or arrange for a tasting. 

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    Oh, how I wish I had found your article before my recent trip to Slovenia. I looked for gifts for my siblings as our heritage is Slovene. I hope to go back to that beautiful city of Ljubljana before the word gets out and it becomes too crowded. I will shop some of your recommendations online , if possible. Thank you !

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