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This is an ongoing project to help everyone access fresh and healthy food, especially during these tumultuous times. Below you will find all types of food delivery for the Ljubljana region. It will include delivery via grocery stores, farms, takeaway, fresh meat and fish, wine, and also resources to help during the hard times.

Companies in a green box provide plastic-free or sustainable packaging.

Many of these websites are not available in English, which means it is the perfect opportunity to work on your Slovenian. Food words are a great place to start as you will always need them. Below you can practice some of the words with my dear friend, Sandra who made a great video recently around this topic.

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If you are a business that is doing food delivery in the Ljubljana region and would like to be included on the list please leave a comment below or send me a message.

Food Delivery in Ljubljana

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Delivery

Zeleni zabojček – Sourced from farms across Slovenia Zeleni zabojček sells vegetable and fruit boxes as well as offering dairy products, eggs, flour, oil, spices, and even some snacks. *I had issues using Chrome to access the shop but Firefox works just fine!

Zdrava Dostava – A farm delivery service that offers fresh produce boxes as well as freshly picked organic fruits and vegetables that you can pick and choose for your order. They also sell bread, juice, and wine.

Gajbica – Gajbica has a wide range of products including local produce, dried salami, dairy products, eggs, kombucha, and even local craft beer. Their website also offers some seasonal and local-inspired recipes.

kupiLokalno – kupiLokalno has it all from fruits and veg through all of the food groups. All products are locally sourced including fresh bread, pasta, honey, and wine!

Preprostoje – Preprostoje has everything you can find in a grocery store while focusing on local products. They also have an option to donate a box of food to those in need. It can be added to your cart with your shopping order!

Fresh Ljubljana – Order local and organic products for free delivery in Ljubljana. Minimum order 49 EUR.

Sadje V Pisarni – Offers fruit and vegetable boxes, premade salads and smoothies, and nut mixes. Can be delivered in Ljubljana to offices or home.

Farm Goods Delivery

Moja kmetija – Farm boxes, dairy products, meat, flour, honey, and more are available to order. They also offer themed packages such as a breakfast one including eggs, bread, yogurt, etc.

Kmetija pr’ Grogc – Fresh vegetables, pasta, marmalade, pickled vegetables, juice, and syrups. There are weekly offers that you can sign up to receive each week to your inbox.

Z Dežele v Mesto – Slovenian grown fruits and vegetables, pickled vegetables, and marmalades.

Bio Dobrote – Organic dairy products straight from Kmetija Žgajnar including milk, yogurt, cheese, dairy products, and meat.

Ekološka kmetija Kukenberger – Organic dairy products such as cheese, butter, and yogurt delivered in sustainable packaging that works on take-back system.

Meat and Fish Delivery

Fonda – Fonda is a world-famous brand of sea bass from Piran. They offer sea bass, bream, mussels, and salt.

Narociribe – Order local and indigenous fish that were caught in the past 24 hours at a Slovenia-based locally-owned fish farm. – Purchase dried salami and cheese plates from the Soča region made by Mesarija Kragelj from Tolmin. Orders can also be made at Alešovčeva ulica 30 (Ljubljana).

Delamaris – All of your favorite Delamaris products including mackerel, tuna, sardines, pate, and more! Free delivery for orders over 40 EUR.

Ekološka Kmetija Jenšterle – Offers a range of organic meat products, salamis, and sausages.

Grocery Store Delivery

Spar – Shop the entire catalog of Spar and have it delivered straight to your home!

Mercator – Your local grocery store is now available for home delivery.

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Takeaway Delivery Services

There are two main food delivery services that operate in Ljubljana; Ehrana and Wolt. Both are available in English or Slovene but do be aware that the delivery area for restaurants on each app can vary.

WOLT Use the code 7Q43F to receive €5.00 discount on your first order!

Click here for a list of restaurants with their own delivery services.

Craft Beer Delivery

There is a great selection of craft beer delivery in the Ljubljana region. The shops below offer Slovenian and international craft beer. This article has even more information about where to buy directly from suppliers.

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Wine Delivery

In Slovenia we drink wine! Order locally produced wine from any of these online shops for home delivery.

prsutarna scuka slovenia kras

Coffee and Tea Delivery

Mala Pražarna – Freshly-roasted single-origin specialty arabica coffee beans delivered to your door!

Cafetino – Specialty coffees from all over the world are now available to drink at home. You can even sort my taste to ensure satisfaction!

Indija Koromandija – Order from a wide range of loose leaf teas; black, fruit, herbal, white, green, and more. Orders over 20 Euros will have free delivery in Slovenia.

Cha – The widest selection of teas available in Slovenia. Every variation of any tea you can think of as well as specialty teas for holidays, organic tea, and more.

Specialty Food Delivery

Looking for something a bit extra special? Here are some specialty online shops that will deliver their treats straight to your door. Packaged and delivered without plastic!

Zelena Japka– Sustainable and eco-friendly products for the home (cleaning supplies, organic cotton, cosmetics and pantry goods

Spena BBQ – Dry rubs, BBQ sauces, and more for the perfect BBQ!

El Merkadito – Products from South America, Mexico, and the US shipped to you anywhere in Slovenia.

Dobrote Dolenjske – Specialty products produced in Dolenjska (liquor, honey, cookies, tea, etc.)

Ščuka Pršutarna – Ščuka is now offering delivery of their top quality prosciutto, pancetta, wines, and more.

Ayatana – For all of your kombucha needs

Ruska trgovina – A specialty shop selling Russian food, beverages, and cosmetics.

Kis in Kvas – Fermented products available for home delivery.

Kmetija Vizjak – A farm that specializes in chilis. It is possible to order chili beer, sauces, and more through their website.

le Potica – Mini and traditional sized poticas are available for order. Flavors include walnut, tarragon, hazelnut, chocolate, and poppy.

Vera Spirits – Non-alcoholic gin available for delivery.

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If you are a business that is doing food delivery in the Ljubljana region and would like to be included on the list please leave a comment below or send me a message.

Food Banks & Food Assistance in Ljubljana

If you are looking for food assistance or you would like to donate to help someone get a warm meal here are some great resources and NGOs operating in Ljubljana.

Zavod Pod strehco – They provide warm meals to those in need as well as take donations to help local families.

Food for Life, Slovenia – Help provide meals to those in need. They also accept donations, locally grown food, donations of land, and more.

Preprostoje – Working with Zveza Prijateljev Mladine Slovenije you can donate a box of food for someone in need.

Ljudska Kujinja – A collaboration of various NGOs created this soup kitchen to provide warm meals for the most marginalized groups. They also provide workshops, counseling, and support,

Kralji Ulica – Provides employment, financial assistance, accommodation support, and other services to those in need. Due to the current situation, they are asking for donations to help keep their operations running.

Rdeči Križ Slovenije – Provides assistance via food packages, clothing, furniture, and more for vulnerable individuals.

Karitas – Currently running a campaign to help those struggling to make ends meet through financial and food assistance.

Anina zvezdica/Ana’s Little Star – A non-profit operating in various regions in Slovenia that collects donations and distributes to those in need. Check their FB page for the latest events.

Foodsharing Slovenija – A Facebook group where people can share their excess food. All food items are free.

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