Best Places to Eat and Drink in Brighton, England

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I know you were all dying to know where to get the best food in Brighton, UK. That is why I wrote up this little article just for you! Honestly, I was just feeling a bit nostalgic about my days living there so this was a very difficult road down memory lane because now I am very hungry. Now, before the comments get fired up by locals about Hove not being Brighton, I know, I know, but for the sake of travelers, Brighton and Hove are commonly referred to as simply Brighton.

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The Morning After aka Breakfast!

I’m a breakfast person. Make it sweet or savory, baked or fried, I’m in every single day. When someone tells me they don’t eat breakfast I just can’t even comprehend it. #TeamBreakfast


Baked was always a favorite of mine for coffee and a pastry. They try to use primarily local ingredients and offer a lot of vegan options on their menu so perfect for the plant-based and eco-conscious eaters.

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The Hidden Pantry

Okay, real talk, The Hidden Pantry is really outside of where most tourists go and is about as Hove as it gets but… BUT don’t pass it up. They have the best full breakfast around and avocado toast that will ruin all others. The staff are super lovely, the place is incredibly cute, and the food is always top-notch.

breakfast at the hidden pantry
All of my favorite things on fresh bread. This breakfast will definitely keep you satisfied until lunch.

The Real Patisserie

The Real Patisserie has three locations throughout Brighton. They have incredible baked goods, like downright sinful. Delicious loaves of bread, sandwiches, sweet pastries, whatever they have – it is good! I would say that I never received the best customer service there so don’t expect anyone to be helpful – they are usually really busy and trying to push everyone through as quickly as possible.

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The Flour Pot

They have 6 locations in Brighton and Hove! Yeah, obviously the locals love them. I don’t tend to love baked goods in Europe, I’m partial to American cakes (sue me), so it takes a lot to impress me. The Flour Pot knows cakes and just about everything else. They also serve my favorite iced americano of anyone else in Brighton. Once they opened in Hove I was definitely a regular.

the flour pot brighton uk
Carrot cake for breakfast every day!

What’s for Lunch?

There is no shortage of lunch spots full of fresh locally sourced products. I decided in Brighton fashion to pass over the heavier options and share two of my favorite lunch spots that give you just the right amount of food to avoid the midday slump.

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Eat Naked

Eat Naked is probably my favorite lunch spot of anywhere I’ve ever lived. They specialize in healthy and organic food – absolutely no chemicals or processing on anything you get there. You can also find cold-pressed juices and smoothies. Whatever they made for the day is all that they have so once it is sold out, it’s gone, so make sure you go early!

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Marmalade is a bit out to the eastern part of Brighton but a very cute cafe with amazing sandwiches. It can get really busy on the weekends so be mindful if venturing out there just for food. Another place that is just straight forward honest healthy delicious food. Brighton is a great place to change your mind about food in England.

sandwiches from maralade brighton uk
Confession: I never swam at this beach. The water is COLD. But I did spend a lot of time hanging out on the beach! Bonus points for no sand.

Don’t Forget Dinner!

I don’t think I could choose a favorite meal of the day. I love breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks equally! Although dinner has a special quality to it that feels like the celebration to the end of the day and I love a very filling dinner. Here are two places that I promise will be memorable experiences for years and years to come (I’m still talking about them 3 years later!).

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VIP Pizza

VIP Pizza is one of the best pizza places I’ve ever eaten, not -the- best because that is reserved for a special little place in Naples but this one ranks super high. I ate here more times than I should ever admit. The vibe is just like eating out in Italy, and I could even speak Italian with the servers which is always fun practice. The pizza is just wow… there are not many words for it. All of their products from a farm in Naples. It is literally a taste of Italy. Do be aware that on weekends you might wait a while for a table.

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Burger Off

Have you ever had a burger with peanut butter and pineapple? No? Well, that is normal, but you can try one at Burger Off. They have delicious burgers, also classic ones for the non-adventurous. Not going to lie, peanut butter on a burger is much better than anticipated.

Burger Off Brighton
Photo Credit: Burger Off Facebook Page

Drinks On Me

If you have traveled to England than you know there is no shortage of places to drink. Any day of the week you will find many places full of people enjoying a pint or three. People may not seem the friendliest during the day, but head down to any of these bars, and the people are very friendly and willing to talk the night away.

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The Craft Beer Co.

The Craft Beer Co. is the best place to get craft beer in Brighton. The staff are super friendly and knowledgable about everything available. They always offered the best recommendations. I checked the menu before posting this, because it has been a few years, and didn’t see these sweet potato fries on the menu, but if they do order it, and die happy.

where to drink Brighton UK
I adore all of the tiny little streets in the center of Brighton. I would wander them aimlessly pretending I was lost in a maze.

The Bees Mouth

Quirky and very Brighton The Bees Mouth is a really cool place to get a drink and even catch some live music. The bar is full of funky decorations and interesting characters. The best place to get some Belgian beer, as well!

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The Basketmakers Arms

The Basketmakers Arms was a place that I passed up at first glance and once I realized what they had to offer quickly regretted the nights I missed out on. They make some great gin and tonics and have a great vibe for a night out full of friendly faces. The place gets so full that the crowd spills out onto the sidewalk and road around the pub.

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Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand is such a cool quirky place to find really good craft beers. I love the decor, the staff, everything about it. Located in Kemptown it is a bit away from the crowds found in Brighton on the weekends.

Hand in Hand Brighton Pub
Photo Credit – Hand in Hand website

The Evening Star

The Evening Star always felt like this very traditional style English pub from the outside and interior but a closer look and you will find an incredible selection of craft beers and people who are passionate about what they do. There are always some interesting characters, maybe some live music, and conversations going in this small hidden spot.

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Thanks for reading and happy eating! If you liked this post for Foodie Friday let me know in the comments. Also if you have any other recommendations for travelers, please leave them below, too! As always, if you have a food story to share send me an email let’s collaborate. -Helene

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