Work With Wandering Helene

What is Wandering Helene?

Wandering Helene has a direct line to Americans interested in traveling to Europe, while specializing in content for Slovenia and Italy.

Who is Helene?

An American based in Slovenia with a Master’s degree in Anthropology and a passion for creating genuine and engaging travel content.

Why we should collaborate?

My followers and engagements are not purchased. My content is 100% original. I am a one-woman show managing the creative direction, writing, editing, taking photos and videos, and managing all of the marketing and social media outreach.

My readers trust my content to be genuine and trustworthy and many have reached out when planning their vacations to Slovenia.

triglav lakes slovenia
This article about Triglav National Park highlights my writing, photography, and videography skills.

Collaboration Opportunities

  • Brand Ambassadorship
  • Destination Coverage
  • Sponsored Content
  • Photography/Videography
  • Reviewer (travel-related products or apps, hotels, restaurants, etc)

Send all inquiries to wanderinghelene [at] gmail [dot] com

Wandering Helene’s Niches

Collaborating with Wandering Helene is perfect for those who share my values in appreciating and promoting meaningful travel, local foods, culture, and sustainability. My specialties are also in promoting the lesser-known tourist spots, castles, and features about cultural festivals or food production/preparation. 

My article about Slovenia’s Carnival, Pust, is ranking #1 on Google!

Wandering Helene’s Audience

Primarily my audience is based in the US (30%), Slovenia (14%), and UK (7%).

My largest demographic is 25-34 year-olds (29%) with 18-24 years old (25%) right behind, and 14% for those aged between 35-44 years.

60% of my readers are women.

Stats from January to February 2021. 

My piece of the wine capital of Slovenia, Goriška Brda is ranking #2 on the first page of Google.

Wandering Helene Stats

Wandering Helene has been experiencing steady growth, even after a drop in viewership in 2020. In February 2020 the blog received 2700 pageviews and in February 2021 it received 5000 pageviews.

Wandering Helene Pinterest account is currently receiving 236k + monthly viewers.

My Twitter account has 20k + impressions on average with 1400 followers.

Instagram engagement ranges from 9-10% (higher than average) with Instagram stories receiving on average 100-150+ views.

Interviews + Collaborations


1. Interview with Let’s Go Slovenia (2018)

2. Interview with Val202 – National Slovenian Radio. (March 2019)

3. Interview with Ljubljananjam (July 2019)

4. Interview with Total Slovenia News (Sept 2019)

5. Interview with The Solo Female Traveler Podcast (Jan 2020)


1. Food Tour Around Ljubljana with Ljubljanayum (2019)

2. Wine Tasting in Ljubljana with Dobrote Dolenjske (2019)

3. Wandering Magical and Medieval Koroška (2019)

4. Day Trip Date in Koper with Mini Adventures (2020)


1. Nominated – Traverse Creator Awards – Best Photography Piece (2019)