Work With Me

Hello! If you ended up here you might be interested in working with me in conjunction with this blog.

I have been working online as a freelancer for over 7 years and picked up a lot of useful skills along the way. I am in a unique position that I am based in Slovenia with easy access around Europe.

triglav lakes slovenia
This article about Triglav National Park highlights my writing, photography, and videography skills.

Collaborate with Wandering Helene

Wandering Helene is experiencing organic growth every month. My followers are real (never bots, never purchased) and all of my content is original. I do all of the writing, take and edit all of the pictures, shoot and edit all of the videos (drone shots captured by Jaka, my husband), and manage all of my social media accounts.

I value the trust that my readers have with me and because of this, I am selective with who I work with.

If you find yourself here and think we would be a great fit then there are endless possibilities. To just list a few…

  • Brand Ambassadorship
  • Destination Coverage
  • Sponsored Content
  • Photography/Videography
  • Freelance Writing
  • Reviewer (travel-related products or apps, hotels, restaurants, etc)

Send an email to wanderinghelene [at] gmail [dot] com to see if we can work something out!

Wandering Helene’s Niches

Collaborating with Wandering Helene is perfect for those who share my values in appreciating and promoting slow travel, local foods, sustainability, mindfulness, and (purposeful/intentional) content creation. My specialties are also in promoting the lesser-known tourist spots and castles. 

venice italy sunrise gondola
I took my Mom to Venice, Italy and had a magical experience.

Wandering Helene’s Audience

Primarily my audience is based in the US (23%) and Slovenia (19%), but also readers come from the UK (11%), and around Europe.

My largest demographic is 25-34 year-olds (37%) with 35-44 years old (20%) right behind, and over 60% of my readership are women.

Stats from March 1st-August 31st 2019. 

bogensperk castle slovenia
Bogenšperk Castle is just one of many hidden gems in Slovenia.

Wandering Helene Stats

This blog has seen significant growth throughout this year. January saw only 446 pageviews and with hard work and consistency, Wandering Helene received 4096 pageviews in August 2019 with everything rising.

Wandering Helene Pinterest account is currently receiving 80k + monthly viewers. My Twitter account had 90k + impressions in August and Instagram engagement ranges from 9-11% much higher than the average. Wandering Helene Instagram stories receive on average 100-150+ views daily.

Interviews + Collaborations


1. Interview with Let’s Go Slovenia (2018)

2. Interview with Val202 – National Slovenian Radio. (March 2019)

3. Interview with Ljubljananjam (July 2019)

4. Interview with Total Slovenia News (Sept 2019)


1. Food Tour Around Ljubljana with Ljubljanayum (2019)

2. Wine Tasting in Ljubljana with Dobrote Dolenjske (2019)

3. Wandering Magical and Medieval Koroška (2019)


1. Nominated – Traverse Creator Awards – Best Photography Piece (2019)