Eat Like Royalty in These Slovenian Castles

Can you imagine dining in a real castle? Sitting in the main dining room of a beautifully preserved medieval castle while tasting dishes from the best chefs and award-winning wine is a once in a lifetime experience.

Fortunately, it is one that you can have over and over again across Slovenia. Below I am sharing some of the most beautiful settings; castles, villas, manors, and chateaus that you can dine at with some of Slovenia’s top chefs and premiere dishes.

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Ljubljanski grad

ljubljana castle

Originally a fortress in the 11th and 12th centuries, today Ljubljana Castle is the centerpiece of Ljubljana. The castle houses exhibitions, incredible views of the city, and not one, but two highly-rated restaurants.

Gostilna Na Gradu

Located in the courtyard of the castle is Gostilna Na Gradu. Perfect for a lunch out with an old friend or for a romantic dinner date. Na Gradu comes from the minds of Ana Roš and Valter Kramar from Hiša Franko and Svetozar Raspopović from Gostilna As. The menu is full of seasonal traditional Slovenian dishes, including Fonda sea bass, Tolmin cheese, štruklji, and žlikrofi.

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Restavracija Strelec

Located in the Shooters’ Tower of the Ljubljana Castle is Restavracija Strelec. Chef Igor Jagodic and Slovenian ethnologist Janez Bogataj have prepared a menu that pays homage to medieval cuisine with a modern Slovenian touch. Be sure to book a reservation in advance!

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Contact information
Grajska planota 1, 1000 Ljubljana
+386 (0)1 306 42 93

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Hotel Gredič

Photo: Matic Grmek Source:

Castelletto Gredič was built 400 years ago and has since been renovated. Today it boasts seven private rooms, all decorated beautifully with stunning views, a vinothèque (wine library), culinary workshops, a pool, and a restaurant.

Located in the heart of Goriška Brda, the menu has Mediterranean and Slovene influence with local products. They have options for tasting menus as well as a modest al la carte menu. Dishes can be complemented with Slovenian or international wines. But I will let you in on a secret, go for the Slovenian wine.

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Contact Information
Gredič, Ceglo 9, 5212 Dobrovo v Brdih
+386 (0)5 828 0120

Grad Mokrice

Mokrice Castle

Mokrice Castle is a medieval castle near the southeastern border of Slovenia with Croatia. It was first mentioned in 1444 and rebuilt in the 16th century and again in 1941. The hotel has an 18-hole golf course and a 200-year-old park with 70 different species of trees on the grounds. Mokrice Castle is owned by Terme Čatež so guests can include an entrance pass with their stay.

Restavracija Grad Mokrice

The restaurant in the castle is a lovely setting for a true castle experience. The menu is a tribute to local cuisine and products with a modern perspective. I had a delicious four-course meal here for my birthday last year and still daydream about it.

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Contact Information
Rajec 4, 8261 Jesenice na Dolenjskem
+386 (0)7 493 67 00

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Grad Otočec

Grad Otočec (Otočec Castle) sits on an island in the middle of the Krka River. The castle dates back to the 13th century and today it houses a luxury hotel and restaurant. Grad Otočec is one of two Relais and Chateaux members in Slovenia (the second is also on this list!). An exclusive association of luxurious hotels that satisfy a set of criteria. Many of which are historic landmarks that offer haute cuisine.

Castle Restaurant

The restaurant offers fresh local ingredients and cuisine suited for a castle. There is a castle garden where almost everything served is grown. Each week it is determined what is available and a menu is created. Guests can also arrange to see the gardens, fruit trees, and beekeeping.

A castle winery is housed in one of the towers to accommodate the ideal settings for wine storage. You will find not only Slovenian wines, such as the locally adored Cviček, but also wines from across the world.

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Contact Information
Grajska cesta 2, 8222 Otočec ob Krki
+386 (0)8 20 50 310

Grad Strmol

strmol castle

Located in central Slovenia and built in the 13th century, Strmol Castle is one of only two castles in Slovenia with the original furnishings. It is also one of the best-preserved castles in Slovenia. The castle is lavishly decorated with antique pieces and a vast collection of art.

Lord of the Castle

At Strmol Castle, there is a royal treatment like no other. You can arrange to become the Lord of the castle for a day. Beginning at your arrival with a luxury castle apartment accommodation and a guided tour of the castle and grounds. The evening entails a dinner in the main castle dining room prepared by Brdo’s chefs.

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Contact Information
Dvorje 3, 4207 Cerklje na Gorenjskem
+386 (0)4 260 10 00

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Blejski Grad

Possibly the most famous place in Slovenia is Lake Bled. In this small town at the foot of the Alps, you can spend your day exploring Lake Bled, the Bled island, as well as Bled Castle. The castle was first mentioned in written sources in 1011, making it one of the oldest castles in Slovenia. Perched on top of a 130-meter cliff, the castle provides beautiful views around the region.

Bled Castle Restaurant

With the best view in town, 130 meters above Lake Bled, Bled Castle Restaurant has small and large plate offerings of Slovenian cuisine. The restaurant is managed by Jezeršek a catering company that also provides cooking workshops at their nearby facilities.

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Contact Information
Grajska cesta, 4260 Bled
+386 (0)4 572 97 82

Vila Bled

vila bled

Frequently rated in the top 10 hotels in Slovenia this stunning villa with private access to Lake Bled is a true experience in luxury. The restaurant has been recognized for 2 consecutive years by Gault & Millau and ranked in the top 10 hotel restaurants in Slovenia.

The menu has its roots in French and Mediterranean cuisine with Slovene influence. Meals are prepared by some of the best chefs with fresh and local ingredients. No meal would be complete without a glass of Slovenian wine.

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Contact Information
Cesta svobode 18, 4260 Bled
+386 (0)45 753 710

Hotel Kendov Dvorec

hotel kendov dvorec

Kendov Dvorec (Kenda Manor) is a manor in Spodnja Idrija from the 14th century but of course, has since been updated. The rooms contain 19th-century handmade antique furniture and the garden has 100-year-old apple trees. You can arrange for a basket picnic on the grounds during your stay. Hotel Kendov Dvorec is a Relais and Chateaux member. An exclusive association of luxurious hotels that satisfy a set of criteria including haute cuisine.

The chefs at Kendov Dvorec take local cuisine to another level. When you have access to some of the best ingredients locally why do anything else? They prepare traditional Idrija dishes with a contemporary touch. The highly trained chefs provide high-end local dishes every day. Lunch and dinner are available only by reservation.

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Contact Information
Na Griču 2, 5281 Spodnja Idrija
+386 (0)5 37 25 100

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