Unique Travel Gifts for the Wanderlust

Buying gifts for travelers, nomads, and wanderlust can often be a struggle. Many of us don’t like to have a lot of -things- it doesn’t help us pack light. We are also often less materialistic, opting for the experiences of travel over a house full of stuff. This list of unique travel gifts isn’t like the others. There are no Amazon links and no large companies represented. Most of the items are from small sellers on Etsy, handmade, locally produced, or made of recycled products. The others are from companies that I trust.

I curated unique travel gifts that I thought were truly special and thoughtful. This list includes travel accessories, travel-themed clothing, jewelry, home decor, and DIY, gift cards, and more.

Update Nov 2020: I have updated the list below to change some products that were no longer available and to remove prices. Due to the majority of my readers being split between 3 different currencies and VAT being a variable I did not want to mislead someone.

This post contains affiliate links which means I may receive a commission on purchases made through the links. This is at no additional cost to you and helps keep the site running

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Unique Travel Experiences

Most travelers that I know aren’t looking for more things but rather more experiences. The gifts found in this section will excite any traveler. Gift cards for travel are always welcomed! This goes for hotels, flights, and experiences like I share below.

Gift Card for Epic Experiences with Tinggly

unique travel gifts gift card

Tinggly is an amazing travel company that allows you to buy experiences instead of things for friends, family, or even yourself. The best part is that for one price you get to choose between hundreds of experiences so no need to stress. They are available in more than 100 countries, no expiration date, and can work for 1 or 2 people. To add to all of this, Tinggly also donates part of its profit to sustainable projects.

There are various price points from as low as $89 to as much as $459.

Activities include hot air balloon rides, skydiving, helicopter rides, city break for two, whale watching, horse riding, food experiences, tours, and much more. As a traveler, I can safely say any of these gift cards are the absolute perfect gift!

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Food Tour with Eating Europe

unique travel gifts - food tour

Eating Europe is a food tour company based across 10 different cities in Europe. Their tours range from neighborhood-based, street food, wine, markets, cooking classes, etc. If a traveler you know will be hitting one of the cities they are based in this is an excellent choice. It allows them to explore a place through its food.

This year Eating Europe is offering Flexi-Pass Gift Vouchers which never expire, full transferable, and can be used for single or multiple bookings. A great gift any traveler would love! Their Black Friday deal is offering 25% off so don’t wait.

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BLACK FRIDAY DEAL Eating Europe is offering a buy 1 get 1 free for online experiences and cooking classes. Transport yourself across Europe learning to cook holiday specialties from Italy, Czech Republic, Portugal, and more! Check out offers here.

Travel Accessories Gifts

Travel accessories are the most practical of the list. Help the traveler in your life get organized and be stylish at the same time.

Charging Passport Case

passport case with charger travel gift

This passport case is not an ordinary case. This one also includes a power bank and a place to charge your phone. Every traveler knows how important this is. Bonus points for travel themed covers.

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Mini Travel Kit

This handmade eye mask is made with organic cotton, flannel, and even organic thread. A practical gift that keeps giving as getting a good nap no matter the time of the day is something every traveler can be grateful for.

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Acrylic Luggage Tag

luggage tag gift

I couldn’t pass up this very unique and stylish luggage tag. I love the design and permanence of it. Okay, so maybe this isn’t ideal for the nomads who change their addresses often, but for those who have a stable home and have an attention to details.

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Hoodie Neck Pillow

hoodie neck pillow

I will admit that I actually own one of these and as ridiculous as it looks it is amazing. I love this item for a few reasons. First, the strings for the hood are quite convenient for tieing the pillow to your luggage. Secondly, the hood comes down far enough that it can act as an eye mask while you sleep. Finally, I personally hate when the air conditioning is blowing on me from the airplane and this blocks it while I sleep. Perfect for the traveler that doesn’t care everyone is laughing at them because they are well-rested.

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Travel themed zipper pouch

Available in two different sizes this zipper pouch is perfect for the jet setter in your life. A traveler can never have enough small bags to organize their life. They work great for organizing cords, cosmetics, pens, and just about anything else.

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Leather Cable Organizer

leather cord organizer

There are some travelers who throw all of their cords mixed together in their bags and there are travelers who own these. Having your cords in a very accessible and neat manner is very practical and useful. If you are backpacking for a long period of time, being able to grab into your bag and get what you need immediately is priceless. Also a perfect gift for photographers and videographers!

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Leather Cable Organizer

round leather earphone case

I mentioned previously about the importance of having your cords safe, accessible, and untangled. I am not sure if I can express how many times I was sitting on a plane or bus, or walking down the street attempting to untangle or even find my earphones. With something like this you always know where they are and they can slip into your pocket or bag without the mess.

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Wool Blanket Scarf

yellow wool blanket scarf perfect travel gift

Blanket scarves are amazing. Let me repeat. Blanket scarves are amazing! I do not travel without one. Ever.

Finding the perfect blanket scarf is a game-changer. I always wear one when I fly to use as a blanket on the plane, to keep warm in the winter (obviously), and I also use them to cover my head if it rains. The bonus with this scarf is that it is wool. Wool does not soak up water, it acts as a repellent, and it will continue to insulate even when wet (aka perfect for cold rainy days).

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Cork Passport Cover

eco-friendly cork passport cover gift

I have never seen a cork passport cover before but I thought this was a clever gift and a great transition to our next section. This travel accessory is perfect for sustainable and eco-minded travelers. Passport holders, while they seem unnecessary, are great to know exactly where your documents are while traveling. The bonus of this item is cork is a great eco-friendly and cruelty-free products (trees are not harmed during harvesting). It is also incredibly resistant against water, stain, fungus, and fire retardant.

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Eco-Friendly Gifts

These eco-friendly gifts are perfect for everyday use while traveling far or near, while hiking or wandering city streets. These items will help you reduce your waste and plastic consumption.

Reusable Sandwich or Snack Bag

reusable snack bags

I think these are fantastic and I am ordering my own as I type this. They are reusable bags with waterproof lining. They sell them in large (fits a sandwich) and small (fits snacks). They are ideal for long journeys, hiking, or especially the budget travelers looking to save leftovers!

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Zero Waste Travel Kit

zero waste travel kit gift box

This zero-waste travel kit is perfect for the eco-friendly traveler. It includes bamboo cutlery and straw, straw cleaner, bamboo toothbrush and case, wooden comb, and shampoo bar with a case. Battle Green, the company that sells these are committed to zero waste and plastic-free materials. Everything you see here is made thoughtfully and materials chosen carefully.

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Zero Waste Shampoo

zero waste eco friendly shampoo

I don’t have personal experience with solid shampoos but I will admit I am intrigued for one reason: carry on. I would love to be that person to travel with just a carry on but my shampoo and soap always need to be checked. These are perfect for that reason alone. They are also great because they are made with gentle ingredients, fragrance oil-free, paraben-free, vegan-friendly, and never tested on animals. Win-win!

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Personalized Reusable Water Bottle

reusable water bottle

As I always say there is no reason to not have and use a reusable water bottle. Getting it personalized is a nice touch for a traveler and even better if they are a blogger or content creator to share their social media handle as a little shameless plug.

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Travel Tote Bag Gifts

Tote bags are used by almost everyone. Perfect for running to the grocery store, library, gym, just as a purse, or during travel. There is rarely a moment when it is inappropriate to use one. With so many different options there is almost no reason for anyone to put their groceries in plastic!

World Map Tote Bag

custom vintage map tote bag

These map-inspired bags are unique and handmade and I think perfect for the wanderlust. You can even have them custom made to any location! Personalize it showcasing someone’s home, favorite travel spot, or bucket list destination!

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Hong Kong Street Food Tote Bag

hong kong foodie tote bag

This bag is really specific but it is also really flipping cute. It showcases street food in Hong Kong, sharing the local names and in English. Everything about this bag is adorable and unique so any foodie would be excited to receive it.

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The World Tarot Tote Bag

The World card in Tarot symbolizes travel, accomplishment, and new beginnings, and is often explained to mean the world is at your feet. It is very fitting for those ready to set off on a new chapter of their life.

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Wanderlust Tote Bag

wanderlust tote bag gifts for travelers

No nonsense tote bag made with 100% cotton and a simple illustration. Perfect for campers, hikers, and nature lovers.

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Travel Home Decor Gifts

There are those of us who are into travel and those of us who are really into travel. This category is for the latter. You know exactly who I mean, your loved ones who decorate their home with travel-inspired decor, souvenirs in every corner, their house is like a museum.

Scratch-off Map of the US

scratch off usa map gift

Do people still like scratch-off maps anymore? I have no idea but I thought this was a really pretty take on the idea. Perfect for those traveling the US.

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Scratch-off National Parks

national park scratch off map

The same concept as above, scratch-off map, but this one is just for National Parks. I think this is a cool gift for someone who loves the parks and travels to them frequently. It is displayed nicely and the photos are great.

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Travel Print

travel print decor gift

Yes, Lake Bled caught my eye but I stayed for the rest! I love browsing prints on Etsy to see other people’s interpretations of a place, movie, or concept. I thought that these are really beautiful prints that would look great in many homes.

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Scratch-off Foods of the US Map

scratch off usa foodie map

I swear this is the last one! I know, I know. I am a sucker for food-themed items. Eat your way through the USA features regional foods from every state. Scratch off the food items you tried to complete the map.

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World Travel Watercolor Prints

watercolor travel print

One last set of prints! I couldn’t leave these watercolor prints off the list. I love the simplicity of them and think they would look great in any setting. Who doesn’t love a bit of travel inspiration?

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Travel Inspired Candles

Candles that are inspired by beloved travel destinations. Yes, please! I fully plan on ordering one of these for myself after reading rave review after rave review. The shop also has melts, reed diffusers, perfumes, and room sprays all with inspired scents.

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Travel Inspired Jewelry Gifts

There are a lot of beautiful travel-inspired jewelry choices so I tried to select a mix and what I thought was the best quality and still unique.

Mountain Range Necklace

unique travel gift mountain range necklace

Lots of possibilities for the hikers and nature lovers. This mountain range necklace is subtle and cute without being over the top – just my style. I love the little detail of the snow-covered tops.

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Adjustable Airplane Ring

airplane ring

This airplane ring is simple and delicate. I also choose it because it is adjustable. I don’t know about you but I don’t even know my own ring size let alone someone else. This is a great choice for the traveler that wears subtle jewelry and of course rings.

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City Ring

custom city ring gift

These city rings are cool and unique. I don’t know how comfortable they would be on (reviews say they are!), but they are a statement. Now, wait for the best part…you can make a custom one! They have a menu with a ton of cities around the world or you can make a custom order which I think is just fantastic. I am tempted to buy one myself!

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Airplane Charm Necklace

airplane gift box necklace

A great gift to be shared between friends. This airplane necklace has some added details of the cubic zirconia and is available in gold, silver, or rose gold. I also recommend browsing this shop’s other jewelry as there are some very beautiful pieces.

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Travel Inspired Clothing Gifts

This section is mainly shirts because shirts are easy gifts! No one goes around buying pants or underwear for people, that would be weird. For the friend who won’t shut up about everywhere they have traveled to this year, buy them one of these.

Explore More Sweatshirt

explore more sweatshirt

You can’t go wrong with a classic sweatshirt and this one is a great simple design that is fitting, once again, for the nature lovers, but also just for the travelers. The theme is the same!

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National Park Shirt

national park tshirt pink

Another shirt for the National Park lovers. This one is featuring a cute bear though. I think this is a great option for the nature lovers in your life, great color, and cut, the design can be dressed up or down.

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Hidden Pocket Infinity Scarf

hidden pocket infinity scarf

This infinity scarf could fall into so many categories. It is the perfect travel accessory and stylish. Infinity scarfs are amazing while on the road because you never have to worry about them falling off. This one has the added feature of a hidden pocket. Perfect for putting your passport or wallet for easy reach maybe while traveling a busy city or markets.

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Airplane Mode Shirt

airplane mode tshirt

Another simple shirt for the traveler always jetting off to a new city every other week. This is great for an airport travel day or just to lounge around in.

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Will Work for Travel Shirt

will work for travel shirt

If you are shopping for someone who is aiming to be the next big travel influencer pop this in their gift bag for a few laughs and appreciation.

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Travel Journal and DIY Gifts

Travel journals and planners and journaling/scrapbooking items. This section is maybe my favorite because I love crafty things and notebooks. I can’t pass up a good one and these are really good. These gifts are perfect for the traveler who is often scribbling away in their notebook, planning upcoming travels obsessively, or the creative who scrapbooks their adventures.

Customizable Travel Notebooktravel journal gift

I think this might be my favorite item on the whole list. How thoughtful is this design, so intentional and simple. They come in beautiful colors and have a range of illustrations you can use, and you can personalize the front, back, and spine! They can be made as a very general travel journal or to document a specific trip. Perfect for the writers and note-takers.

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Travel Planner Journal

travel planner

This travel journal is a great product and at a great price. It has all of the useful sections one needs while hitting the road. I always advocate to write down the important stuff in case you lose phone service or even your phone. A paper trail is your backup plan!

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Vintage Postcards

vintage postcards for travel diy

I collect vintage postcards from flea markets or yard sales but you can buy them from Etsy! This product is great for the traveler who loves old things and photos, for the scrapbookers, for the travel journalers. Products like this are great to be repurposed or just hung on the wall.

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Vintage Stamps

travel diy vintage stamps

These stamps are so fun it is just ridiculous. They would be perfect for those who document their travels in a journal or scrapbook. With all of the different sizes, shapes, and colors as well as being from all over the world it is just a thoughtful gift for the creatives.

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Vintage Luggage Tag Scrapbooking Stickers

This set comes with 46 vintage airport luggage tag stickers that are perfect for your travel journals, scrapbooks, or anywhere you desire. Do note that they are smaller than they appear.

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Wanderlust Lip Balm Set

Made with avocado and jojoba oil these wanderlust lip balms are sure to be a hit with anyone on your list! You can choose between 11 different travel-inspired flavors.

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Enamel Travel Pin Gifts

Travel inspired enamel pins are a great little accent for your tote bag, camera strap, or even jacket! Perfect gift for the colorful and playful travelers in your life.

Airplane Window Pin

enamel pin airplane

Enamel pins can be added to your jacket, sweater, backpack, camera bag, basically just about anywhere. They are a cute way to show off your hobbies and interest.

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World Map Pin

enamel map pin unique travel gifts

This pin is a bit bigger but showcases the whole world and a magnifying glass that doesn’t seem to work properly (haha). I am a fan of the map emoji so I can see this being a hit with travelers.

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Polaroid-Style City Pins

The perfect accessory to any jacket or bag are these really cute Polaroid-inspired pins of various cities and travel experiences around the world. With 20+ different locations you are bound to find something for the traveler in your life.

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unique travel gifts
unique travel gifts

What are you buying for the traveler in your life?

What have you decided to go with? Let me know in the comments if I helped ease your shopping aches or if you know of any other great deals for all of our friends!

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