Photo Diary: Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy is a location many dream of visiting. It is time machine to our early days as modern society. Image what it was like there hundreds of years ago when Palazzo Ducale was the seat of power and Venice was King of trade.

Today is a much more dreary perspective on Venice for two very important reasons. The first being overtourism. Overtourism can harm communities and local economies as well as increase pollution, waste, and resource consumption (Further reading 1, 2, 3). Which brings us to the other reason all eyes should be on Venice; climate change (Further reading 1, 2, 3)

Before you leave, I am not going to lecture about climate change and overtourism in a photo diary post – don’t worry those essays are in the works. I want to shine a light on beautiful and historically significant Venice of sinking buildings that is at the mercy of the Adriatic Sea. I wanted to take a moment to appreciate it in the now.

Here are a range of photos I have taken over the years while visiting Venice. I hope that generations to come will be able to experience this way, too.

If you are planning on visiting Venice then check out my 2 Day Itinerary to Venice perfect first time visitors.

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