Photo Diary: Istrian Peninsula (Croatia)

Istria Croatia

I wasn’t planning on writing anything about my trip to the Istrian Peninsula in Croatia. But it would be a shame not to share some of the photos I took so I decided to throw this together. Croatia is a stunning country and I cannot wait to see much more of it in the coming years. I stayed in Pula which is a port town in the Istrian Peninsula, known for its Roman ruins. It is a charming town and perfect for a day trip.

We also spent a day in Kamenjak which is a National Park that you must not miss! It is a stunning piece of unspoiled land and beach. Tip if you go here, find the jungle bar, which is really, really cool and hidden in the jungle and has some great food and drinks. There are cliffs nearby that you can jump from. Sadly the water was too rough that day, and I like my brains inside my head.

The final photos are from Rovinj, another port town north of Pula on the coast. Rovinj is a charming town, with lots of streets to wander aimlessly around, and if you go in the tower of the church (of course I did) provides some amazing views. These photos definitely have me ready for summer already. More beach days, please!

croatia pula Istrian Peninsula croatia pula croatia pula croatia pula
croatia kamenjak Istrian Peninsula
croatia kamenjak
croatia kamenjak croatia kamenjak
croatia kamenjak croatia rovinj
croatia rovinj Istrian Peninsula
croatia rovinj croatia rovinj

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