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Preparing Our Vegetable Garden

Preparing Our Vegetable Garden

This is the second year that we are having a vegetable garden. I thought it might be interesting to track and document the progress. We did garden preparations a few weeks ago (end of March) and are currently planting a few things. I by no means consider myself a knowledgeable gardener, in fact, I feel like a total beginner. That is my personal disclaimer, haha, we are learning as we go along.

We had to first remove some leftover plants, weeds, and lots of rocks. While I don’t care for bugs, I do like getting my hands dirty with the earth. It feels really good to connect with nature, especially after a long winter. After we removed the dead or unwanted items we mixed the dirt, to help circulate air. Quite a simple process.

vegetable garden
The garden left untouched since last season.


garden preparation vegetable and herb garden vegetable garden soil ready for planting garden preparation

I have been wanting to practice my video and editing skills, so I put together a little video of what everything looked like. Yes, I am wearing the most unflattering outfit… I am working in the garden, that’s life. 😛

I really hope you liked this article. We have already started planting some veggies and flowers in the garden, and actually maybe finishing up this week. I have been recording some videos and taking photos of the whole process. We also have been refurbishing an old chicken coop in the yard, so I am planning to share some of that process this month, too! Spring is definitely the perfect time for some DIY. If you would like to see more about what we get up to around the house and the garden, leave a comment below!


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