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A Weekend of Relaxation and Reflection

A Weekend of Relaxation and Reflection

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Welcome to something a bit different. I wanted to try a new series where I take various topics that are on my mind, or otherwise interesting, and share them through some written and visual formats. I like to think of it as a practice in mindfulness for creativity. Creating for the sake of likes or followers does not interest me, but rather creating conscious (and hopefully purposeful) content. There will be a new post each week falling under the new category Creative Mindfulness.

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I had a thought recently that when your hobby becomes your passion it can be really terrifying. On one hand, you have the fear of maybe losing the joy you have for your craft, and on the other, the fear of rejection when exposing your vulnerabilities to the world. I have always loved photography, never being in the photos, but taking them or seeing them. Lately, this hobby is becoming more and more important in my life, and because of this I have been reflecting on my life path.

As a small child, I remember my mother having boxes of photos and endless photobooks spanning years and years. I would pull them out and look at them over and over. I was so fascinated by pictures shot with film. Afterall, this is all I knew growing up. But the older the better in my book. I was in awe whenever I would see old black and white photos or those shot with various cameras.

Polaroids were always my favorite. How could there be anything cooler than taking a photo and not only being able to see it immediately, but you can hold it in your hands. The colors are still burned into my memory. I use an Instax 210 currently, as I find it captures what I love so much about instant photos. In my office, I have Instax photos on the walls, on shelves, and now my very own drawer full of photos.

Yeah, yeah okay, Helene, no one cares about your self-revelations. So why am I talking about this now? Well, because recently I realized that photography is much more important to me and it’s how I share my view of the world. It was really difficult for me to accept being a creative person, although it’s always been right in front of me. And now it is all I think about. It consumes me. This change happened when I opened myself up to new possibilities. I have been feeling in a small rut and not like I could express myself, but through my camera, I am able to share my experiences and the beautiful things I see in the world.

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Two weeks ago I spent the weekend in Croatia with friends and took my new camera, Canon M50, along for the ride. For the whole weekend, I avoided social media, nonsense on the internet, spent time with good friends, laughing until we cried, eating food until we couldn’t move, and I documented the quiet moments between. I wanted to share these shots because it was a special weekend and Croatia is such a beautiful place. These shots also reflect all of these ideas I wrote about above because this was the first weekend I embraced my need to photograph regularly, to carry a camera with me as much as possible.

I am pushing myself every day to learn something new about my camera or photography, and if there is enough interest of others wanting to get out there and shoot more photos I can set up something for us to share our ideas and work. I’m always looking to connect with like-minded creatives who are looking to practice their crafts.

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